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What is LeadSnap?

LeadSnap is a business development tool created to help businesses grow in 3 easy steps:

LeadSnap integrates Google Trends data to evaluate your market over the past few years OR in realtime. There's no better way to gain a snapshot of where your market segments can be found, a detailed analysis of their buying habits, and current trends as the barometer of overall interest in your product/service.

Are you still depending on expensive website marketing campaigns or time consuming 3rd party contractors to create your leads lists? LeadSnap allows you to build your own lists in a snap! Search, filter, import and we'll enrich your leads data ALL IN ONE step. It's really that simple!

Once you've determined the market trends and found and enriched leads within those areas, it's time to market! LeadSnap offers a variety of options including our proprietary email campaigner to write personalized emails in bulk and track results... or the ability to export to your existing platform (ie: Salesforce)

Access To:

3 - Billion-People
70 -Million-Businesses


*Contact Full Name
*Contact Email Address
*Phone Number (Landline or Cell)
We will also try to obtain:
*Company Name and Address
*Individual’s Profile Picture
*Individual’s Age and Gender
*Social Media Information
-As can be found.

Who was this built for?

Any business wanting to sell to another business (B2B) such as:
High tech B2B start-ups looking to expand their business throughout the USA.
Marketing agencies reselling this offering under their own brand name.
Not for profit 501(c)(3) companies to attract for new fundraising initiatives.
Financial companies or their agents looking to acquire additional corporate leads.
Printing companies, accountants, logistics companies and many more

Playing well with others!

LeadSnap plays well with other Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Email Campaigners. While LeadSnap includes both a CRM and email marketing and tracking system, we recognize that our unique value is mostly in our leads search / enrichment engine. This is why we built a simple option to export all leads found into a standard csv format that can then be uploaded into almost any other in seconds. Our objective is your success!